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Welcome to a new era in dental care, brought to you by Pearl's cutting-edge AI software. Pearl transforms your dental visit by utilizing advanced AI to accurately interpret dental radiographs, enhancing the precision of diagnoses and treatments–and presenting findings in a colorful, easy to follow roadmap of your dental health. This leap in technology means a more comfortable and efficient dental care experience for you, with less time in the chair, deeper understanding of your dental biology and the strongest possible confidence in your care.


Pearl's AI represents a significant advancement in dentistry, providing a seamless and less invasive approach to dental diagnostics. Pearl’s pioneering technology ensures that every visit is optimized for the best possible outcomes, minimizing discomfort and maximizing accuracy. With Pearl, we can offer a higher standard of care, making every appointment smoother and more effective, leaving you with a healthier, happier dental experience.



Pearl brings transparency and objectivity to dentistry by applying artificial intelligence and computer vision to read patient x-rays with expert skill and superhuman speed. Pearl’s FDA-cleared AI software helps improve the efficiency, consistency and accuracy of x-ray evaluations and streamlines practice operations with actionable clinical performance and patient health insights. The revolutionary technology, developed using machine learning algorithms trained on the largest collection of expertly annotated dental radiographs in the world, is a game changer for dentists and patients alike, elevating the standard of care and establishing a stronger foundation of transparency and trust in dentistry.


Pearl's AI software significantly enhances the accuracy and efficiency of dental radiograph analysis. This leads to quicker, more accurate diagnoses, allowing for personalized, effective treatment plans. By incorporating Pearl's AI, we can ensure a higher level of diagnostic precision, ensuring the best overall patient care and your ultimate satisfaction.Pearl’s advanced AI technology supports a smoother, more reassuring dental visit, making Pearl an essential choice for a forward-thinking dental practice like ours who aim to elevate the patient experience.For more information on Pearl, please visit

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